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Oral History
A joint project of the Westfield Historical Society and the Westfield Memorial Library

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Peg Andrews
Peg Andrews (Helen Dawson) moved to Westfield with her family in 1919, where her father went into partnership with Irvine Johnstone and built some of the houses in town. She discusses her father.s development business, school days in the 1920s, the girls. basketball team against the champions from Oklahoma, and going to the movies.
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Helen Atkins
Helen Atkins moved to Westfield with her family in 1907, just in time to start Westfield High School and play basketball for the school. She talks about her memories of Westfield during and after World War I
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Charles Bailey
Charles Bailey joined the Westfield Town Council in 1941 and became the Mayor of Westfield in 1947. He presided over many important changes to Westfield, including the construction of the current Town Hall building, founding the Raritan Valley Sewage Authority, adding the first parking meters and parking lots in Westfield and much more. Mayor Bailey remained active in running Westfield for more then 40 years.
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George Brownell
George Brownell moved to Westfield with his family in 1916. He has interesting stories to tell about the geology of Westfield, the "Big Woods" section of Brightwood in the 1920s, and playing football for Westfield High School.
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Russell Davis-Taylor
Russell Davis-Taylor was born and raised in Westfield, and worked for the Westfield Library in the 1970s. His father owned a lawnmower business and his brother owned an ice business.
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